About gt form Wheels

GT form wheels are the perfect merge between performance, quality and design. We’re constantly looking at design trends and interacting with fellow enthusiasts so that we can make the most informed decisions when actualizing any style, finish, or fitment from concept to reality. Each wheel can be counted on to grant upscale style and exceptional durability. Our unique designs and wheel fitments support applications of performance, luxury and standard vehicles.

Over the years, GT form has carved out its own unique division in the automotive industry, sharing similar passion to performance and precision engineering in every detail. We focus on delivering a perfect blend of form and function. We strive for designs that are both timeless and cutting-edge wheels that make precisely the statement you are seeking to make. Our products are put to the highest standard in testing and quality control, bringing you the highest quality wheels.

Committed To Excellence

A wheel can define the safety and comfort of your ride. Therefore, when you decide to make your purchase, you expect to get the finest products in terms of quality, design, and price. We at GT form wheels understand this and are here to give you nothing but the best. Every wheel manufactured at GT form is individually tested for quality and performance in addition to compliance to a variety of high standards.

Performance Wheels

We’re obsessed with quality and passionate about engineering high performance alloy wheels for your vehicle. GT form wheels are built in the most advanced wheel-making facilities in the world. We combine together appealing looks with modern finishes such as satin bronze, silver machine, satin and gloss black as well tinted finishes. All GT form wheels maintain industry-leading quality by monitoring every step of the process to achieve premium designs and quality wheels.

Engineered Art

We blend mutually a notion of performance and luxury to a whole new level by focusing on advanced materials and revolutionary manufacturing processes with unique designs. GT form wheels utilize our newest manufacturing process FlowForm® aluminum alloy wheels. This enable us to advance the traditional casting process and take advantage of the Flow Form to reduce weight and increase strength. Flow Forming also allows our engineers to produce a greater range of wheel width within each design.

Achieving Precision

Precision requires consistency and consistency requires control. GT form wheels produced using materials and processes to assure they meet the test of time. All our wheels have passed every vital testing standard, including the VIA and JWL safety tests for aluminum road wheels. At GT form, we only do one thing and we do it right. Performance wheels.

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